NINH BINH City – The 10th Congree of Vietnamese Society of Interventional Radiology – April 23-24 2023

The 10th National Conference on Interventional Radiology was held in Vietnam from April 21st

The conference was organized by the Vietnamese Society of Interventional Radiology

With topics covering interventions for cerebral vascular diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, liver tumors, pain management, and prostate diseases, the conference provided a platform for experts to share their knowledge and experience on the latest interventional radiology methods.

One of the notable topics discussed at the conference was “Coated Flow Diverters: Current status of clinical evaluation – COATING study” chaired by Professor Laurent Pierot from France. This was a clinical study evaluating the current status of interventional products from Phenox, including p64-MW-HPC and p48-MW-HPC.

The participation of leading experts in this field provided valuable and up-to-date information on interventional radiology methods. In addition, the experts also discussed and exchanged practical experiences on the latest interventional methods, as well as recognizing the challenges and limitations of these methods.

The 10th National Conference on Interventional Radiology has become an important and successful event, bringing many knowledge, experiences, and opportunities for experts in interventional radiology to exchange, learn, and develop their skills together.

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