HO CHI MINH City – Product Introduction Event at 115 Hospital – May 19, 2023


PT Medical organized a product introduction event at Hospital 115 on May 19, 2023. The event was attended by medical professionals, including doctors and medical technicians.

The main objective of this event was to introduce interventional products for brain vessels, which included products from Asahi, Kaneka, and Phenox. Ms. Kit – Sale manager of APAC from Phenox company, was also present at the event to introduce their latest product lines. She introduced the upcoming pCONUS and pEGASUS product lines, which generated significant interest from medical professionals. She explained that these products are designed to address the challenges in treating brain vessel diseases.

PT Medical, Phenox and Physicians in Diagnostic Imaging Department

The pCONUS and pEGASUS products are expected to be launched in the market in the coming months. The products are equipped with advanced technology that enables doctors to perform safe and effective interventional procedures for brain vessels.

Left: pRESET (4 x 20); Right: pRESET (5 x 40)

The event also allowed the medical professionals to try out the products and ask questions to Ms. Kit about their features and benefits. The doctors were particularly interested in the unique features of the pEGASUS products, such as their high visibility and flexibility

In addition, the event provided an opportunity for medical professionals to network and exchange knowledge and experience in interventional procedures for brain vessels. The doctors shared their experiences with the products and discussed the best practices for using them in clinical settings.

Ms. Kit - Sale Manager of APAC explained about how to use pCONUS for one of KOL in 115 Hospital, Dr. Tri

It’s our pleasure to organize and collaborate with Phenox company. PT Medical plans to organize similar events to introduce other innovative medical products to the market.

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