HCMC – The Congress on New Trends In Management Of Cardiovascular Diseases (NTCC 2019) 01 & 02 November 2019

Pre-Congress: The 3rd Left Main & Birfucation PCI Club 2019: Imaging & Physiology Lectures & Live Demonstrations – 31 October 2019


On 01 & 02 November, at The Adora Grand View in Ho Chi Minh city, the congress has been held with the presence of more than 1.200 delegates. The topic for this time is “ New Trends In Management Of Cardiovascular Diseases “.

The NTCC 2019 is held by University Medical Center HCMC.

Currently, along with cancer, cardiovascular diseases including coronary artery disease are the most common cause of death. Therefore, the subject of chronic coronary artery disease is also an important content, helping physicians update new concepts, reevaluate the values of subclinical tests.

The content of this year’s congress is very diverse with more than 100 qualified reports presented by more than 80 speakers from Vietnam as well as the United States, Germany, England, Finland, Switzerland…  With the target of sharing experience and updating new trends in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, all the reports are revolved around updating the latest diagnostic and treatment measures, especially measures in preventing cardiovascular disease.

The conference attracted more than 1,000 participants and over 100 articles from leading cardiologists not only in Vietnam but also in the United States, Germany, England, Finland and Switzerland …

Speaking at the congress, Assoc. Prof.Dr. Truong Quang Binh, Vice Director of Ho Chi Minh City University Medical Center (UMC), Director of Cardiovascular Center of Ho Chi Minh City University Medical Center shared: “The New Trends In Management Of Cardiovascular Diseases is now a prestigious scientific forum that annually held by Cardiovascular Center and UMC. In 2019, the field of cardiology has a series of recommendations and newly published scientific studies. Therefore, the Congress is a valuable opportunity for doctors to update new knowledge, advanced methods in practice, thereby improving the effectiveness in prevention, diagnosis and treatment for patients.”

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Truong Quang Binh also added, the highlight of this year’s congress is the topics on the primary prevention of cardiovascular adverse events, which is a general trend of the world. For instance: Approach to evaluation and diagnosis of acute heart failure, Updated Advances in monitoring and detection of Arrhythmia, Lifestyle and Diets modification in prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Secondary.

In the framework of the conference, PT Medical company is pleased to introduce products from OrbusNeich, Asahi, CSI, Edwards and Penumbra, which has received a great deal of attention from the participants.

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