HA NOI – The 15th Anniversary of Hanoi Heart Hospital & The 3rd Thang Long International Conference Of Cardiology (Thang Long ICC) 17 August 2019

On 17th August at Intercontinental Ha Noi Landmark 72 in Ha Noi Capital, the conference has been held with the presence of more than 2500 delegates. The topic for this time is "From action to impact: Connecting cardiology communities".

The third Thang Long ICC is co-operated by Ha Noi Heart Association, Ha Noi Heart Hospital and Vietnamese Society of Interventional Cardiology.
Cardiovascular diseases are known as “silent killers”. Developing in the silence is what makes the disease so dangerous. In Vietnam, the incedence of cardiovascular and cardiovascular disease has been alarming in recent years, which are challenges to the field of cadiology.

This year’s international conference, with more than 200 qualified reports were presented by more than 100 Vietnamese and international veteran speakers, has truly became a forum where cardiologists can share experiences, achievements as well as greatly valuable knowledge.
The conference attracts different media units from local news to nologational news.

Speaking at the conference, Prof.Dr. Pham Gia Khai, senior expert in cardiovascular industry, expressed his gladness of witnessing the development of Interventional Cardiology in Vietnam. Thereby, Prof.Dr. Pham Gia Khai also affirmed the support of the scientific and technical training has played an important role in improving three important stages of Cardiovascular treatment (medical treatment, cardiovascular intervention, and surgery).
At this year’s conference, a number of topics in the field of cardiology were shared. For instance: New Insights in Coronary heart disease; Coronary Revascularization; Intervention for Peripheral artery disease; Solutions for Advanced Cardiac Intensive Care; Cardiac Imaging: A Glimpse Into the Future; etc.

Source: nhandantv.vn    

Facing the challenge of more and more people of Vietnam suffering from cardiovascular diseases, especially young people, experts have always attempt to find and apply new techniques in cardiovascular and cardiovascular disease treatment, accompanied by continuous efforts in raising awareness for people. In particular, the majority of health centers in Vietnam have been equipped with high quality equipments recently, which brings a promising future for Vietnam’s cardiovascular industry.

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