[SIS Hospital] – Presentation at Stroke International Services – 16th March 2024

On March 16, 2024, PT Medical had a significant presentation at Stroke International Services Can Tho Hospital (SIS Hospital), bringing new knowledge to the medical community and introducing advanced products from Asahi Intecc.

During this event, we took the opportunity to introduce the advanced product lines of Asahi, focusing mainly on the CHIKAI guide wires series. Through the presentation, we detailed the characteristics, usage methods, and advanced technology applied to this product, as well as its application in specifically indicated cases.



The presentation provided specialized information to healthcare professionals, and served as an opportunity for PT Medical to reach out and promote the product to international medical experts. The feedback from them regarding the product was very positive, as they were impressed and satisfied with the quality and potential applications of the product.

We are honored and proud to provide the best healthcare solutions for patients.

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