In May 30th, 2019. The ED Coil Launching event co-hosted by PT Medical and Kaneka Medix Corporation took place at Hotel Nikko Saigon.

With 10 years experience working in Medical device market, PT Medical has always aimed to be a trustful accompany with Vietnamese doctors in terms of bridging innovative brands with high quality products to domestic demand.

Meanwhile, Kaneka Medix Corporation is a well-known international Japanese corporation with more than 25 years experience. Listen to the market demand, develop effective products and keep updating to medical trend, these are their priorities for further improvement. PT medical and Kaneka Medix Corporation knew each other quite by chance. We have found opportunity to build up the partnership for ED Coil product. And that is also the reason for the ED Coil Launching event.

For the opening part of the event, Ms. Pham Bao Nguyen – Vice President of PT Medical and Mr. Nakamura the General Manager for Medical Devices Devision from Kaneka sending their greetings to all the guest. Then, the launching event firstly started with the report of Professor Yasushi Matsumoto about the Current Neuroendovascular Treatment Situation in Japan. After that, the event followed by the presentation about Electro Detach Coil. Finally, doctors had a practical experience at module stations. The event was successfully winded up with a cozy gala dinner at the garden of Hotel Nikko Saigon.

ED Coil is a platinum embolization spirals for aneurysms in cerebral vessels.

ED COIL10 ExtraSoft Type R: The advanced flexibility of the coil realizes the Loop-in-Loop coil-folding feature which enables coil-packing without remaining gap space. Waving Inner Wire Technology enables smooth coil-folding till the end of the coil.

ED COIL ∞10: Simplified coil selection. Conforming outward in accordance with the shape of an aneurysm even with irregular shape. Provides a tight embolization with a small number of coils for a main vessel occlusion.

ED COIL14 standard: The coil with 0.014 inch primary coil-diameter may provide sufficient coil embolization with a small number of coils. The random coil spreading with the αSpiral structure enables to change direction of the coil expanding in accordance with the shape of the wall of the aneurysm. Strong framing by the unique αSpiral structure resistant to external pressure. By the random coil spreading with the αSpiral structure, it also plays an role as the filling coil that supports the coil for framing. Suitable for both flaming and filling.

Electro Detach Generator v4: Simplified preparation and operation. The Electro Detach Generator v4 detects and indicates by sound and light signals the best detach point of the ED COIL even when the position of the second marker of a microcatheter is not detectable under a X-ray fluoroscopy. Easy to use, disposable, sterilized, detachment of the ED Coil can be done in single step operation. Hypodermic needle is also compatible.

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