Interventional Cardiology Workshop – Khanh Hoa General Hospital 2017

On 7th and 8th March 2017, Phuc Tin Company has cooperated with OrbusNeich (Netherlands) to organize a Workshop on Interventional Cardiology at Khanh Hoa General Hospital.

For the purpose of exchanging and exchanging experiences between Vietnamese and international doctors, Phuc Tin and OrbusNeich invited two leading Japanese experts in the field of Cardiovascular Intervention (PTCA) to the General Hospital Khanh Hoa province to carry out cardiac interventions. Workshop has attracted the attention and participation of doctors in the field of cardiovascular interventions at Khanh Hoa General Hospital. In this workshop, Japanese specialists performed a total of 6 difficult cardiac interventions (CTOs) with the help of doctors at the hospital. Phuc Tin Company is honored to be accompanied by this workshop by supporting products for physicians to help patients with special circumstances difficult. Some of the products used in the workshop were Asahi (Japan), SAPPHIRE II, SAPPHIRE NC and OrbusNeich (Netherlands). Hopefully in the future, Phuc Tin Company will have more opportunities to accompany the doctors and not only private label OrbusNeich but also many other partners to help many patients difficult.

Some pictures from the workshop on 07-08 / 03/2017 at Khanh Hoa General Hospital:

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