[Ninh Thuan Hospital] – PEP Orbus Neich – 4th to 5th October 2023

OrbusNeich ‘s PEP in collaboration with PT Medical held at Ninh Thuan General Hospital on October 4 and 5 was an important event for the medical community in the region. The two-day event saw the participation of medical experts from the field of interventional cardiology.

The recent workshop held at Ninh Thuan General Hospital on October 4th and 5th was a significant event for the medical community in the region. This two-day workshop witnessed the participation of medical professionals from various disciplines, and it featured a total of six cases, including two highly complex ones.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the workshop was the involvement of Dr. Suzuki, a renowned expert in the field. Dr. Suzuki’s intervention in the complex cases was not only successful but also inspiring to the entire medical team at Ninh Thuan General Hospital. His expertise and calm demeanor under pressure served as a valuable example for all participants.

Furthermore, Dr. Suzuki shared his extensive experience and knowledge during the workshop’s debriefing sessions. He offered practical advice and solutions to common challenges that the hospital’s medical staff often face, enriching their understanding and skill set.

In conclusion, the workshop at Ninh Thuan General Hospital on October 4-5 can be considered a resounding success. It provided an excellent opportunity for medical professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and enhance their skills. The presence and contributions of Dr. Suzuki were particularly instrumental in the event’s success, and the lessons learned will undoubtedly benefit the hospital’s medical team and their patients in the future.

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