NHA TRANG – The Third Vietnamese Congress Of Hypertension 11-12 May 2018

From May 11th to 12th, 2018, The 3rd Vietnamese Congress of Hypertension was held in Nha Trang, hosted by Khanh Hoa General Hospital.

This congress was honored to welcome all delegates who are leaders of the Associations of Hypertension across the world such as ISH, ASH, CHEP, APSH. With the theme “From Consensus to Action, Work Together to Prevent Hypertension, Risk of Breaking Out In Modern Era”, the congress is an opportunity to exchange point of view among national and international experts. This congress announced the findings of the Society of Hypertension/ Vietnam Heart Association to unite the views on diagnosis and treatment through unconfirmed guidelines.
The congress was organized at Khanh Hoa Province Convention Center, located on Tran Phu street

With over 60 professors, associate professors, doctors participating in a total of 115 reports of various categories: special topics, clinical studies, clinical results, the congress also annouced the results of 2017 MMM lauched by ISH in Vietnam for the first time and the Society of Hypertension will continue to accompany ISH through the lauching ceremony of the 2018 MMM.

Vietnam Heart Association was pleased to welcome the world’s leading hypertension experts to attend and share experiences with the congress.
Due to the fact that nearly 48% population are facing risk factors of high blood pressure or heart diseases (2016), ptmdical would like to advocate for solving heart disease issues by associating with the congress, joining hands in spreading the campaign about rasing awareness of hypertension among people. Here are some activities of ptmedical during 2 days presenting at the congress:
The launching ceremony of the 2018 MMM, hashtag #checkyourpressure campaign.
Organization board extended their sincere appreciation to ptmedical for accompanying the Congress

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