NHA TRANG – Extended Diagnostic Imaging Conference of HCM 06-07 April 2018

On 06-07 April 2018 at Nha Trang city, the HCM extended Diagnostic Imaging Conference was held with the purpose of updating information about diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine.

There were 3 main segments in the conference including:

  1. Updating latest techniques and knowledge in diagnostic imaging, imaging interventions and nuclear medicine.
  2. Reporting research paper (presentation)
  3. Reporting research paper (poster)

“Medical imaging, especially X-ray based examinations and ultrasonography, is crucial in a variety of medical setting and at all major levels of health care. In public health and preventive medicine as well as in both curative and palliative care, effective decisions depend on correct diagnoses. Though medical/clinical judgment may be sufficient prior to treatment of many conditions, the use of diagnostic imaging services is paramount in confirming, correctly assessing and documenting courses of many diseases as well as in assessing responses to treatment. With improved health care policy and increasing availability of medical equipment, the number of global imaging-based procedures is increasing considerably. Effective, safe, and high quality imaging is important for much medical decision-making and can reduce unnecessary procedures. For example, some surgical interventions can be avoided altogether if simple diagnostic imaging services such as ultrasound are available.”, (according to WHO, Diagnostic Imaging, Imaging Modalities)

With the world rapid development of technologies and methods used in Diagnostic Imaging, radiologists, radiographers (X-ray technologists), sonographers (ultrasound technologists), medical physicists, nurses, biomedical engineers, and other support staff in Ho Chi Minh city consider this conference as an important opportunity to have an overview about the current situation of this sector. Besides, thanks to the report presentations of leading radiologists, participants are able to obtain latest information and practical experience during intervention procedures.


During the 2-day period, ptmedical is pleased to accompany with the Conference as a sponsor as well as had the chance to introduce our products related to neurointervention, pheripheral intervention to doctors participating in this annual event. Here are some activities during the Conference

ptmedical representatives at the HCM extended Diagnostic Imaging Conference
ptmedical representative introduce samples to conference participants during tea break
Delegation visits and enquires about neurointervention supporting products at ptmedical booth

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