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Hand hygiene is the best protection and safety of the patients

At the Sanitary Day organized by the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City on 24/8, TS.BS. Huynh Minh Tuan, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, members of the HCM City Infection Control Association stressed the importance of hand hygiene in treatment care for patients. Compliance with hand hygiene helps protect and safeguard the patient during treatment. At present, many medical institutions in the world are very concerned about this.



Photo 1: The team performed a hand washing sample at the National Institute of Hygiene Medicine Hand hygiene


From historical lessons to medical research achievements demonstrating the efficacy of hand hygiene in patient care, in 2005, the World Health Organization Cleansing Care. Since 2010, the WHO has launched the Global Hand Hygiene movement. After 7 years of launching the movement, the world has 146 hospitals of 35 participating countries responding to the hand hygiene movement. Particularly in Vietnam, three hospitals have won the “Excellent hand hygiene” award in the Asia-Pacific region and are honored on prestigious international websites. There are three hospitals: Cho Ray (2012), Hung Vuong (2014) and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (2015).


Photo 2: Institudes / Departments signing commitment to hand hygiene

In the context of enhancing infection control, the National Institute of Medicine and Nurse Hand Hygiene Day is one of the most important training and retraining activities for all health workers. of the Institute. On this occasion, the faculties have also signed a commitment with the Board of Directors on the compliance of hand hygiene at the facility towards the quality of care patients better. Huynh Minh Tuan, hand hygiene in infection control activities need to change the system, must be equipped with sufficient means; must be trained, trained, communicated and educated and evaluated, provided feedback, rules and remedies for hand hygiene compliance in the workplace. These must be professional, sharing in the community. As a result, hand hygiene has become the standard of health care facilities in developed countries for the care and treatment of patients.

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