Overwrap Apron

Full wrap apron with full overlapping front panels provides maximum protection.

Adjustable Weight Apron

Frontal apron with crisscross shoulder design keeps the apron in place when bending or stooping.

Special Producer Apron

Full wrap apon with partial overlapping front panels provides greater protection and adjustment.

Vest/ Skirt Apron

“Vest/Skirt” aprons allow maximization of the weight distribution between the wearer’s shoulders and hips.

Overwrap Vest/Skirt Apron

Closed simply with the velcro at chest height, and the skirt is at waist height.

O.R. Quick Drop Apron

Without having to remove your surgical gown, you can quickly take off the lead apron by opening the velcro on both sides of waist.

Gonadal Shielding

This series of products can provide an excellent protection for the site of gonadal. Not easy to fall for a variety of somatotype. Lightweight and durable.

Dental Apron

This is designed for the Dental Department. In addition to the chest and shoulder portions, with the collar option.

Gonadal Apron

Lead apron gets a very good protection for your lower body in a radiation environment. Perfect cut and the design of a large-area fastening tape will make you feel comfortable.

Head Covering

Lead cap can make a complete protection for your head in the radiation environment. Excellent protection performance, light and soft

Neck Shield

Protection of your neck in a radiation enviroment is very important. Neck shield can effectively prevent the radiation damage to your thyroid.

X-Ray Protection Goggles

The lens of the eye is one of the radiosensitive tissues in the body involved with interventional procedures using X rays.


The product provides excellent radiation protection. Lightweight materials and ergonomic cut make your fingers move fluently.