[HO CHI MINH City] – Product Introduction Event at 115 Hospital and Tam Anh Hospital – 13th to 14th June 2023

The product introduction session by Kaneka was successfully held on June 13th and 14th, 2023, at Tâm Anh Hospital and 115 Hospital. During the introduction event, Kaneka presented their new generation coil product line, the i-ED Coil, used in conjunction with the EDGv4 control system.

Mr. Walter introduced i-ED Coil to doctors at 115 hospital
Mr. Walter introduced i-ED Coil to doctors at Tam Anh hospital

An important part of the introduction was providing an opportunity for doctors to use the coils on a vascular model. This allowed the doctors to have a hands-on experience and evaluate the performance and features of the product. The doctors provided positive feedback regarding Kaneka’s products. They highly appreciated the quality and effectiveness of the products.

The opportunity to test the coils on a vascular model helped build doctors’ confidence in the product and provided valuable input for further improvement. Overall, the introduction event was quite successful and received support from doctors at the hospitals.

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