[EDUCATION PROGRAM] – PT Medical Introduces New Products – 4th to 5th June 2024

On June 4th and 5th, 2024, PT Medical had the wonderful opportunity to showcase its new products at three hospitals: Thu Duc Area General Hospital, Trung Vuong Hospital, and Long Khanh Hospital.

The presentation focused on the latest intervention guidewires from Asahi, including Gaia Next, Gladius EX, Gladius MG PV, and specialized microcatheters designed for complex CTO cases. These products are engineered to support physicians effectively during clinical interventions, enhancing success rates and minimizing risks for patients.

Presentation CHIKAI X010 and ASAHI GLADIUS MG PV (Asahi) to Dr. Hien from Thu Duc Area General Hospital

Through the ETOSS model, doctors can understand how to navigate and feel the torque control of the guide wire. Besides, they also can learn how to manipulate the microcatheter.

Presentation new CTO Guidewires at Trung Vuong Hospital

This event was not only an opportunity to introduce new products but also a valuable chance for PT Medical to engage in discussions about clinical intervention cases and learn about the latest techniques in treating complex CTO cases. These in-depth exchanges provided useful information and opened new development directions for all participants.

Dr. Hoang and Dr. Trung practiced with Gaia next 2 on the CTO model
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