PTCA Accessories

Demax In-deflation Device
– Selok technology inside.
– Unique ergonomical design.
– Consistant pressure output.
– Precise manometer.
Pressure Line
– Full length option.
– Pressure Resistance 500 psi.
– Include standard female and male luer connector.
Demax Manifold
– 500 psi pressure endurable.
– 1,2,3 stopcock(s) available.
– Extension tube available.
– Smooth rotation handle.
Control Syringes
– Special spraying process, and more smooth injection.
– Anti-air design effectively prevent the air into the injector.
– Rotatable female luer connector.
Demax Y Connector
– Includie 2 types: Screwing Type and Push-Click.
– Meet the transport needs of various device.

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