DA NANG – The 2nd Thang Long International Conference On Cardiology (Thang Long ICC) 18 August 2018

On 18th August at Ariyana Convention Centre in Da Nang city, the conference has been held with the presence of more than 1200 delegates. The topic for this time is "Where ideas become reality".

The second Thang Long ICC is co-operated by Ha Noi Heart Association, Ha Noi Heart Hospital and Vietnamese Society of Interventional Cardiology. This year, there are a number of new updates in diagnostics and treating cardiovascular diseases according to the topic of this time “Where ideas become reality”. 

Around 200 qualified reports were presented by veteran speakers with the purpose of sharing actual  experiment  while handling various cases so that audiences can enhance their speciality. 

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The conference attracts different media units from local news to national news. 

This is a precious chance for people get to know about what doctors are doing and raise awareness about diseases from them. 

Speaking at the conference, Prof.Dr. Pham Gia Khai, senior expert n cardiovascular industry, said that in Vietnam, cardiovascular sector has changed a lot. Interventional cardiology has well positioned itself due to saving thousands of lives. More importantly, all of these pathologies are understood as a whole with no clear  distinction in terms of diagnosis and treatment although technically each disease has a specific diagnosis and treatment. According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death among non-communicable chronic diseases.

Cardiovascular disease greatly affedcts the quality of life and creates a burden on society. In Vietnam in recent years, the incedence of cardiovascular and cardiovascular disease has been alarming, posing new challenges in the field of cardiology. 

The conference covers all aspects of the cardiovascular fields such as cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, cardiac surgery, anesthesia, circulatory systems, cardiovascular intervention,… Session topics are varied and dig in many areas of cardiovascular science. For example: access to coronary syndrome, coronary artery disease update, strategies coronary artery bypass graft surgery. surgery for coronary artery disease and less invasive surgery. good control of diabetes mellitus to protect cardiovascular disease. Over the years, the cardiovascular industry of Vietnam is constantly developing. Professors, doctors, masters, leading experts both in the country and in the world have made continous efforts, day and night devoted to the development of the cardiovascular industry in Vietnam. 

pt medical booth with delegates visiting
pt medical with OrbusNeich representative at Thang Long ICC

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