[Cordis training] – Cordis Endo Training Goa March – 4th-8th March 2024

The Cordis company held a product training event to guide and equip its distribution and sales partners, including PT Medical. The training took place from March 4 to March 8, 2024, in Goa, India. This was an important opportunity to share knowledge and experience about new and existing products in the field of peripheral vascular intervention.

During the training, members were introduced to the features and applications of the products, as well as approaches and interactions with doctors. The training not only conveyed knowledge about the products but also focused on developing communication and sales skills to optimize the ability to support and promote Cordis products.

Through this event, partners had the opportunity to access knowledge, providing a solid foundation. Additionally, the event was also an opportunity to create a closer bond between Cordis and its partners, opening up opportunities for cooperation and development in the future.

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