CAN THO City – THE 7th Annual Conference – CME Update on Diagnostic and Treating Stroke – From Theory to Practice 19th-20th June 2020

On 19th-20th June 2020 at Can Tho city, the CME was held with the purpose of updating about diagnostic and treatment for Stroke. More than 20 sections were reported to provide general to professional knowledge: usage of CT, MRI in neuro stroke diagnostic, update on rTPA, types of aneurysm.

Took place in 2 days, the CME in 2020 with more than 20 reports is to bring up update information for neuro intervention and treating stroke.

From Ha Noi, Prof. Pham Minh Thong – President of Vietnamese Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, former Vice President of Bach Mai Hospital participated with 2 sections: “the Role of CT, MRI in neuro acute stroke diagnostic and applying to practice following minimum and maximum conditions” and “percutaneous intervention treating neuro aneurysm – subarachnoid hemorrhage”


Per Professor update, diagnostic imaging is important to observe neuro tissue, exclude bleeding and injury, find out ischemic. These are very crucial evaluation in treating procedure. Professor also shared some image reference, detailed information about types of aneurysm, treating method that can be applied to save patients (coiling, balloon assisted coiling, stent assisted coiling, flow diverter). The conclusion is stated as: broken neuro aneurysm has high mortality and disabilities, needed to be treated fast for better clinical recover rather than surgery. As well he mentioned about in time diagnostic, appropriate treating solution, catch up with complication.

Also sharing additional information about stroke, A.Prof Nguyen Huy Thang – President of Stroke Society HCMC, Head of Neurovascular department in 115 hospital mentioned about preventive healthcare for stroke, specially using warfarin, changing among antithrombotic drug types to achieve better result and benefits of using new oral generation antithrombotic (NOACs) through the report “Sharing clinical experience in preventive stroke”

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