[Asahi Intecc Ha Noi (AIH)] – Distributor Meeting – 20th to 22nd December 2023

From December 20 to 22, 2023, Asahi Intecc, a steadfast partner of PT Medical spanning over a decade, orchestrated a pivotal Distributor Meeting at the center of Hanoi, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.

An integral aspect of this event was PT Medical’s exclusive visit to the Asahi Intecc manufacturing facility situated in the Thang Long Industrial Park, Hanoi. This immersive experience allowed PT Medical to delve into the intricacies of Asahi Intecc’s production processes, offering a firsthand understanding of the products that constitute their extensive business portfolio.

The occasion facilitated meaningful engagements, including discussions and exchanges with Asahi Intecc’s President, Mr. Masahiko Miyata. This provided PT Medical with valuable insights into Asahi’s ongoing endeavors and an update on the latest product lines being rolled out by the company.

Over the course of three enriching days, PT Medical actively participated in networking sessions, fostering connections with distributors from diverse international markets. This dynamic platform served as a conduit for the sharing of experiences, best practices, and the exchange of industry knowledge.

This collaborative endeavor not only strengthened the enduring partnership between PT Medical and Asahi Intecc but also positioned PT Medical strategically to navigate the evolving landscape of the medical field in the Asia-Pacific region.

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