Artivion Day – 12th November 2022

On November 12, 2022, PT Medical and Artivion celebrated Artivion Day, which provided an opportunity to introduce their products for the treatment of aortic diseases. The event was marked by the participation of leading experts and doctors in the field, including A/Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc – President of Vietnam Vascular Disease Association, Pham Minh Anh, MD, PhD; Phan Quoc Hung, MD, PhD; Ass/Prof. Nguyen Hoang Dinh; A/Prof. Dhanakom Premprabha; Lam Van Nut, MD, PhD, and Tran Thanh Vy, MD, PhD. The product introduction was highly engaging, and Artivion’s products with outstanding features generated a lot of interest from attending doctors and nurses at the hospital.

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